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Certificate Attestation in UAE

Certificate Attestation in UAE

Being a well-known marketplace to conduct businesses, UAE has been recently one of the top choices of foreign investors. Setting up a business or working with UAE nationals and organizations requires investors a need to line up for the commercial document attestation. The whole process of getting documents to be certified by the UAE Embassy and further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE government is referred to as “Certificate Attestation”. Common documents that are required for attestation are Educational certificates (professional and academic) and Personal certificates (Marriage contract, birth certificate, death certificate, transfer certificate).

There are diverse reasons as to why foreign investors or visitors need their documents to be legislated. Some of the reasons include opening a company bank in UAE, establishing a supply chain, devising a distribution agreement and forming a new branch in UAE (e.g, offshore).

Attesting a document should adhere to UAE rules on the types of documents that will be accepted and how well should they be presented. This process involves many steps including:

  • Checking of Documents
  • Acquiring a solicitor certification (if necessary)
  • Obtaining FCO Apostille Certificate
  • Legislation from UAE Embassy

The list of documents that are required to be attested are quite many in number including:

  1. Incorporation Documents/ Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Good Standing Certificate
  3. Articles and Memorandum of Association
  4. Agreements and Contracts
  5. Power of Attorneys and Affidavits
  6. Lists of Products and specifications
  7. Company letters
  8. Board and Diploma certificates
  9. Provisional Certificates
  10. Experience Certificates


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