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Getting Your Business Registered

Getting Your Business Registered

Strategically deciding on the type of business structure, applying for a number, choosing the availability of the business name and registering it to the appropriate department are all part of the process. Considering setting up a business on the Mainland, a preliminary approval and trade name registration is released by the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate.

Registering business in UAE may be advantageous considering factors such as;

  • UAE National as business sponsors with written and notarized agreements
  • Consider “Free Zone” if the company desires 100% ownership.
  • Deciding on the best business location, objectives and costs.
  • Complete Visa requirements and eligibility
  • Hiring an UAE Company Registered agent to be of help throughout the process

Types of Business in UAE

  1. Most common type to be registered in UAE
  2. Full/complete operating rights within the country
  3. Actual offices established in the country
  4. UAE residents as shareholders/sponsor
  5. For foreign investors, ownership is limited to 49% while the sponsor is entitled to 51%.

Civil Company

  • Operated through association or partnership to conduct professional and/or consultant activities.
  • Allows multiple shareholders
  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • Requires UAE national partner or local service agent for professional activities
  • 100% financial liability

Sole Proprietorship

  • Owned by a single individual (UAE national and GCC national only)
  • 100% liable for any financial obligations
  • Requires only 1  manager to operate
  • Can be established with one shareholder
  • Allowed to have branches and perform operations same as that of the main firm.
  • No minimum capital requirements (Startup costs are generally low)
  • Actual offices must be established
  • Advises from Sovereign Consultants on the type of activities intended to conduct is necessary.

UAE has 35 free zones where entrepreneurs and organizations may  engaged to

  • Operation inside UAE but within the “free-zone” borders
  • Actual offices within the free  zone borders are required
  • Full ownership
  • Import and Export tax exemption
  • 100% recovery of capital and profits
  • Convenient set-up process outside the country
  • Facilitated by either Jebel Eli Offshore Company or RAK International Corporate  Centre
  • Allows virtual  offices
  • No taxes implemented
  • No licence required


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