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Government Approval

Government Approval

Setting up a business in your own country or in a foreign country as well as recruiting and hiring local and oversea workers would require approvals from the government. Each country has their own laws and requirements that they demand in order to secure and legalize businesses being established within and outside the boundaries. As for UAE, the Department of Economic Development  (DED) is the main government body that is responsible in licensing and classifying economic activities that is permitted within Dubai. Issuance of trade permits for marketing activities and setting business work hours are also part of their accountabilities.

Recently, a good opportunity for investors regarding licensing has been approved. Starting 2012, the DED has announced a new instant license for investors. Accordingly, this type of licensing allows investors to set up their business immediately and they are given 120 days to complete the rest of the licensing requirements from other government authorities. Through this, investing in Dubai businesses has never been easier.

Incorporating technology to the licensing system in UAE has also helped a lot in issuing approvals for managers and employers in a less complicated manner. In 2011, agencies can now register electronically and directly communicate with the Ministry of Economy using “New Agency Registration eService”


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