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Immigration and Visa Services

Immigration and Visa Services

We do provide efficient services for people aspiring to study or immigrate to the UAE. There is a huge acceptance of Gulf countries, in terms of work immigrations. Out of all, Dubai is the world’s most favorite working destination. If you dream to immigrate or study here, we will provide you with the best of choices, that too at the best of prices!

For most foreign investors, setting up a company established in the UAE usually pave way for their local residency to be granted. The business entity established serves as the sponsor for the investor to obtain a residence permit for business operations in the UAE.

This type of visa is sponsored when you are a Free Trade Company Owner, and investor or a partner. A 3 years validity allows an investor to stay inside the UAE and a maximum of 6 months for investors outside the UAE. Arranging this type of visa is possible with Free Zone Trade acting as an intermediate or by contacting the state immigration office to organize it for you. To qualify, the foreign investor must deposit a determined amount to the UAE Government. It is also essential that the foreign national is able to prove that the his/her fund can produce sufficient and significant investment in UAE companies.


  1. Unlike other UAE visa, no job offer requirement for the foreign national.
  2. No UAE tax is required to be paid by the investors.

Prior to work visa, a working permit si obtained from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). After procuring a working permit, an employee visa is arranged by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Residency (GDFRA). This type of visa is valid for 2 months from the issuance date. Using this type of visa also allows the employee to sponsor his/her family into the country.


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