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The UAE has been successful in becoming one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It has shown a remarkable progress attracting investors globally to seek potential businesses to foster. Encompassing both east and west business hours, UAE location is taken as a strategic advantage to business operations. Owing its wealthy economy to the oil sector in the past, it has now extended its resources such as the fast-progressing tourism, logistics, transportation and financial services. With these, UAE diverse and healthy  economy are some of the reasons that keeps pulling in potential business capitalists to seek prospective spaces in the country and set up offices. Additionally, the UAE government with its business-labour friendly laws and impressive infrastructure supports the development of SMEs making UAE as a great option for office spaces.

Most businesses favors Dubai when it comes to imports and exports business and it’s port has known to be one of the busiest and most profitable in the world. Meanwhile, recruitment of workers with globally competitive salaries are allowed since this region has an open border foreign labour policy. With these, Dubai has been top-voted to be a perfect place for business and office space set-ups.

According to Dubai Expo team, the biggest beneficiaries for the upcoming Expo 2020 will be the small and medium enterprises. Through this business exhibit,potential foreign direct investors, new business and more skilled workers are bound to meet. By 2020, an approximate of 200,000 business are expected to be established in UAE-Dubai. Thus, Dubai is just a perfect place to set up your business’ offices.

Factors in Finding the Perfect Office for your Business

  • Practicality (will the office and the budget spent be fit and worth it for the services your company offers?)
  • Duration and Expected growth (Is the office fit for the type of company you have i.e medium and long term business plans?)
  • Licensing and Legal Issues
  • Layout and Office Design (will the office be able to enhance the employees creativity, social and working skills? Is the office location convenient for workers and customers?)
  • Finances ( Is the payment terms fit with the company’s projected cash flows?)

It is not easy to find a good office space in a good location area in Dubai and that’s why we offer complete business setup services. Sultan Al Ali Group can help you to find Offices for rent in your preferred area.
We also offer Business Centre designed to facilitate the growth of your business start-ups to SME’s. The office space is 250 SQ. FT, with all facilities, Telephone, Internet, DEWA included and we accept quarterly payment to make easy and convenient for you.

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